About Us

The Golden Key at your service

We pride ourself in making a difference. Providing multiple services to make it easier to achieve your goals. We are the Golden Key because we provide the best services by the best rated companies. We are thorough and pay attention to detail. Thats the Golden key.  

Our Goal

We are dedicated to your satisfaction. Our goal is to provide the beat quality of services. 

Contracting - Real Estate - Wholesaling

whether u want to get your lawn done, paint or remodel your home or property management we can provide the service to you. Helping you manage your home or business we have a plan. 

Looking for a home whether your a first time buyer, starter home or investment home we have a plan for you. 

We provide solutions for those trying to get out of their home situation, going through financial hardship we can get you out of it with some cash. 

Our Team

Jonathan Garcia


President - Contractor/ Agent 

Janet Carrasquillo



Our Partners